1506 22nd Avenue North

Nashville, Tennessee 37208 (615) 320-0621

Come thou with us, and we will do thee good”

Statement of Purpose

The Ephesian Primitive Baptist, located in Nashville, Tennessee is accepting resumes for the position of “Pastor.” The church is well established and is in close proximity of Fisk University, Tennessee State University, and Meharry Medical College. Our location provides uniqueness as it relates to community outreach.


For nearly 80 years, our church has been a spiritual home for people of all walks of life and their families in the Nashville area. It is our aspiration to continue meeting the spiritual needs of the community. Ephesian is comprised of persons who are well versed and diverse in biblical knowledge. 1 Corinthian’s 12:4 states, “There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.” We use our spiritual foundation to grow in the knowledge of “God’s” word and to strengthen our faith both individually and collectively.


Our Sunday school department is one of the key rudiments to longevity; it serves as the foundation for our Christian growth and development. We use curriculum that is strictly “Biblical” based for all ages. The vibrancy and tenacity possessed by our youth and young adult divisions are nothing less than exquisite.


We are a church who is “God lead and Holy Spirit driven.” Worshipping corporately plays an indispensable role in rekindling our spiritual fire. We, the members of Ephesian Primitive Baptist Church truly believe that true worship brings together “God’s word, prayer, and fellowship.”

                                                               Position: Pastor

                                                              Job Qualifications

Education: It is preferred, but not mandatory that the candidate holds at least a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in the field  Theology, Ministry, Divinity, or currently pursuing a degree of higher learning. All interested candidates must submit an official transcript or a letter of experience while serving and conducting pastor duties under a pastor for at least 3-5 years.


Experience: An ordained elder willing to hold to Primitive Baptist teachings as described in the Primitive Baptist Discipline or willing to learn, be taught, and adhere to the Primitive Baptist faith, and doctrine.


Proficiencies and Knowledge: Must be spiritually mature and of good moral character as cited in 1st Timothy 3:1 – 7 and Titus 1: 6 – 9.


Additional Requirements: Must consent to a background check that includes a criminal check. All candidates must be willing to be an active participant of the Cumberland Association. Tennessee State Convention, Tri-State, and National Convention. All candidates must be willing and eager to encourage member participation.


References: Submit 2 personal references and 3 professional references (from a pastor). In addition, all of the mentioned above items such as a “resume, and letters must be submitted at the same time.” Do not submit until you have everything completed and ready to submit. Any application turned in not completed, will be removed and not considered.


Salary and Benefits: To be negotiated.
The deadline for submitting a resume with the above-mentioned references is July 6, 2016.